How to buy the perfect salon nails

How to buy the perfect salon nails

If you’re looking for the perfect nail salon nails, then you might be looking at a few different nail shops, each offering a different selection of products. 

Whether you’re trying to choose the perfect manicure or manicure polish, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect product from each salon. 

With that in mind, here’s a look at the different nail salon nail products and where you can find them at the best prices. 


Nail Lace Polish:  Nail lace polish is an extremely popular product for men, especially if you are a makeup artist. 

If you’re interested in this product, you can purchase it online for $6.99 and use it for all your nail-related needs. 


Topaz, Pearl, or Topaz-Lime : The term “topaz, pearl, or topaz-lime” refers to a combination of topaz, an emerald-green mineral, and a lime-green powder. 

These two are commonly used as an abrasive, but they also have a very soft, flexible texture, and can be used as a stain. 


OPI OPI Nail Polish: The OPI  is a highly-rated nail polish.

It is often used in conjunction with a metallic glitter and is also used for its versatility. 

Its polish can be applied with a brush and it comes in two finishes: matte and glitter. 4. 

Mimis Lime-Based Nail Care: Mimis is a salon polish made from a variety of ingredients, such as lime and green tea, and it is used for both manicures and nail polish for its light, flexible consistency. 


Creme Brulee-Satin Nashville Nail Lacquer: Creme brulee-satin is a nail polish that was inspired by the famous creme brule from Paris, France.

It has a matte finish that dries to a glossy finish, which is ideal for applying on the nail. 


Powdery Nail Finish (Nail Lacquers)  This nail polish is formulated with a powdery finish that is ideal to apply on the nails for a smooth, matte finish. 


Baked Nail Nail (Natural Nail Brands) Baking Nail nails are a common trend in many people’s home and are usually applied with the use of a wet brush. 


Nailsilk Nail-Base (Razormaker) This is a polish made of beeswax that is an acrylic finish.

It’s ideal for all types of nails and nailsilk is an inexpensive nail polish to use for the nails. 


Stripe Nail Art (Natural Nails Brands) Stripper nails are very popular in the salon industry, and these nail polish are often applied with either a wet or dry brush.

The base of the nail polish has a slightly rougher texture, so it will work well for the more manicured nails.


Kiss Nail Oil (Lemonade) KISS Nail oil is a popular nail polish brand that is a high-end salon polish that is popular among makeup artists.

It uses a soft sponge-like consistency, so you can apply it over your nails to create a glossy look. 


Aquaphor Nail Gel Nail Color: Aquaphor nail polish contains a mineral called aquaphor that is used to add a metallic sheen to the nails when you apply it to your nails.

It can be purchased at for $10.99 for a single bottle, or $17.99 at 


Razor Nomad Nail Sculpting Powder: Nailing with a razor nail polish can help you create a more modern, classy look that is both feminine and sophisticated. 


Tarte Cosmetics Nudist Nail Blush: This product is a shimmery, metallic shade that is the perfect shade for wearing as a blush. 


Olive Oil Nail Spray (Tarte) Oolong Olive Oil is a product that can be found in the form of a spray bottle that contains olive oil. 


Lemon Oil Nailskin Oil  This polish is a clear, translucent shade that dris to a matte, shimmery finish.


Glycerin Nelly Nail Spa  Glycolic is a highly pigmented nail polish, which allows it to give you a shine without clumping up your nails or making them look unnatural. 


Black Walnut Nail

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