How to create a buzz for your salon

How to create a buzz for your salon

Hair salon owner Meraki salon in Houston, Texas, is looking to capitalize on the beauty trend of people using hashtags to share their hairstyles with social media.

Hair salon owners are now using the hashtag to share new products and trends.

Meraki Salon owner Merakis daughter is also a beauty blogger.

The salon’s Instagram page has over 7,500 followers and its Facebook page has more than 7,000.

The owners have posted a few posts to the hashtag including a hairstyle contest and some of their latest products and haircuts. 

The Instagram posts have since garnered a lot of likes and shares.

The owner says the trend is really gaining popularity.

“People are sharing their hairstyle on Instagram so people can see what they are doing.

It’s a great way to get noticed and get a lot more followers.” 

One of the most popular hashtags in the hair salon world is #beautyhair and has been gaining popularity since its inception last year. 

Hair salon owners have been using the hashtags beauty,hair,haircare,and beautyhaircare to share what they have to offer.

The beauty salon owners say their Instagram account has more followers than the salon itself and has the largest following in the industry.

The hashtag has even become the number one trend in the beauty salon industry. 

 Meraki salon owner says she has seen a lot from her customers on Instagram who share their hair.

“They are super stoked with the hairstyles and the hairstylists.

People are sharing so many amazing pictures of their hair and it’s awesome to see how many people are sharing pictures of them on Instagram.” 

The salon has created a new hashtag, #beautytoshow, to help spread the word.

“I’m just really proud to see that so many people share their beauty and hair, and I love the fact that they are using the #beautythoshow hashtag to do that.

So if you see someone with their hair down, I encourage you to share your Instagram picture and share a hashtag to let people know you have their hair up.” “

Beauty and hair is really an incredibly powerful word and hashtag, and so is #haircare.

So if you see someone with their hair down, I encourage you to share your Instagram picture and share a hashtag to let people know you have their hair up.” 

For more information on how to promote your salon and grow your business, read How to build a business from scratch with salon and hair salon. 

Photo credit: Meraki Instagram

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