Red carpet at ‘Bar Salon’ Salon Suite: The ‘Harmonium’ Suite

Red carpet at ‘Bar Salon’ Salon Suite: The ‘Harmonium’ Suite

Red carpet was a staple at the Bar Salon Suite in Ireland, but it wasn’t always as glamorous as the picturesque picturesque decor.

The red carpet featured a series of colourful tiles arranged in the centre of the floor, which were then attached to the red carpet with strings.

The tiles were a reference to the bar’s ‘Hharmonium’, the Greek word for gold.

The bar was founded in 1894 by a pair of brothers, Paul and David Lees.

The Lees family were Irish-born and had a long tradition of creating stylish salons.

They were also known for their flair for design and the bar was built on the same foundations.

The ‘Bar’, which is now a popular haunt for the bar, opened in 1887 and was a place for the wealthy to meet.

It has become a well-known venue for celebrities to gather.

As the building came to be owned by the Lees brothers, it was put into a private ownership in 1998.

In the early 2000s, the Leesses moved the bar to the Dublin Convention Centre where it has remained since.

The Bar was designed by architect Eamonn Haughey and built in a design that was inspired by the late artist John Cage.

It was designed to blend in with the surroundings, with minimal decorations.

In 2000, it received a new facade to make it more inviting to visitors, and it was transformed into a bar in 2006.

In recent years, it has been transformed into an intimate venue, with the red and white colour scheme and a modern design.

The room where guests can sit in front of the bar is named after the famed painter John Cage, and the space features a mural by David and Paul Lees as well as other contemporary artists.

Bar Salon suites can be rented for a fee and can be booked online, but can be reserved online at the Hotel Derry website or by calling 079 842 9888.

The hotel has more than 500 bars and clubs around the world.

You can book a bar room online from the hotel’s website, or you can book in person at the hotel.

The rooms have free Wi-Fi and there is a large library in the lobby.

Hotel Dermott & Sons, 6 O’Connell Street, Dublin 8, tel: (02) 829 5300.

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