A Salon is OPEN for Business in NYC

A Salon is OPEN for Business in NYC

NYC-area hair salons are opening up as New Yorkers scramble to find a job after the state’s economy collapsed and millions of New Yorkers have lost their jobs.

The New York City Hair Salon Association announced on Friday that it has opened the first barbershop in the city, with a three-day window.

Barbershops opened in New York in the 1970s and 1980s, but many of the city’s most popular hairstyles, such as the braid and the barber, are now limited to salon owners, according to the salon association.

“The recession, and the loss of jobs in the salon industry, are having a tremendous impact on our community, and it’s important that we provide a safe and affordable place for our customers to shop,” said the association’s president, Tania Hovda.

“The city’s barbershops, barbers and salon owners have been fighting for a long time to open their doors to new customers and to keep the salon community alive.”

Barbershop owners in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx will be able to open the doors of their establishments on Wednesday, March 14.

The city of New York, the nation’s third-largest, has been in a state of emergency since the first week of March after the collapse of the housing market.

New York City’s unemployment rate is currently 8.3 percent.

There are currently 724 hair salonies in New England, according the association.

The opening of bars and salons is the latest development in the effort by the salon associations to open more of their spaces.

In December, New Hampshire passed legislation allowing for the state to open bars and salon spaces to provide more services and to help people access care, including cancer care, to people in their communities.

Similar legislation is under consideration in Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

The Hair Salon League, a New Jersey-based trade association, has also opened a barbers shop in the Garden State.

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