Surprised to learn the price of hair salon visits

Surprised to learn the price of hair salon visits

Surprising to learn that hair salon fees are more expensive in the city than in other parts of India, I visited the famous hair salon Bang Salon in the CBD on a weekday afternoon.

Bang Salon is one of the most famous hair salons in the country.

The owner of Bang Salon, Anurag Kumar, has a reputation for doing a very good job, which is why I went to his salon for a quick haircut.

I was shocked to find out that the fee for hair treatment was much higher in the capital than in the other parts.

I thought this was strange since the salon was situated in a residential area.

I have heard that a hair salon in Mumbai cost Rs 10,000, but I did not know the exact price of the treatment.

The shampoo is sold for Rs 1,000 and the treatment is for Rs 2,000.

It is a little strange to hear that the shampoo and the hair treatment cost Rs. 10,001 in the Capital but it was only Rs. 1,500 for the treatment, which was a bit more expensive than in Delhi.

I am sure that the price has gone up over the years, but the prices of shampoo and treatment have gone up, too.

I also asked about the treatment of hair on the counter and they assured me that they do a good job and that it is free.

This is something that is not true in other cities like Bangalore or New Delhi.

In Bangalore and New Delhi, there is a large amount of hair washing machines that can be used for hair.

It may sound odd, but these machines can do more than wash your hair, they can also treat it and dry it.

I found out later that it has been done for years, especially in Delhi and Mumbai.

There is also a shampoo and conditioner in a large plastic cup that is sold in the salon.

The hair treatment is free and I could not even ask for the shampoo.

This was the first time I had seen such a small fee for a hair treatment, especially at a hair shop.

I asked the salon owner if the shampoo costs more and he said, “Yes, but it is also free.

The cost for the hair care is very reasonable.

In fact, there are several other salon where you can get free haircuts.”

The salon owner also said that they would not charge more than Rs 1 for shampoo and treated hair.

But, there were a few things that bothered me.

The treatment is usually done for free, but you can pay a bit extra if you want a better hair look.

There was a large bottle of shampoo that the salon employee had in his hands and it was not easy to use.

I asked the manager if the bottle of soap was really free.

He said, it is, but in case you do not want it, you can always pay for it with cash.

In case you want to do your hair on a budget, you should also take the shampoo or conditioner with you.

This makes the cost of the hair treatments more affordable.

Bang salon owner Anurage Kumar is very passionate about his salon.

He has done the treatments for me many times, but he would not take me to his other salon.

If the shampoo is not as good as the one he used to do, then he will take me back to his shop for a better one.

I know that he has done so many haircuts and treatments, but for a simple haircut, he will charge more.

This way, the salon manager will have more money to spend.

I wanted to try the hair salon out myself but the manager told me that the hair was very fine.

The only problem is that the person doing the treatment has to come to the salon to get it done, which I did.

I saw some guys at the salon with the same hairstyle that I had and they looked very different.

The hairstyle of the man that I saw was not very different from my own.

I then took the shampoo from the plastic cup and asked the lady behind the counter if she was happy to use it.

She said, yes, I will take the bottle.

I then went to the shampooer and asked him if he would make me a shampoo for free.

His face changed.

He went back to the hair stylist and asked her to make me another shampoo.

I went back and told the shampoo person that I would do the shampoo myself and the lady in front of me also asked me to do it for free too.

When I went over to the shower, the shampoo was not done and I told the lady that I was going to take it home.

The shampoo was done and the customer came back.

I looked at the bottle and asked if the treatment was free.

She smiled and said, the treatment costs Rs.1,000 in Delhi, but we do free treatments here too.

The haircut was done for Rs. 3,000 from the shampoo bottle.

The price is Rs

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