Why I’m getting a new polishing routine

Why I’m getting a new polishing routine

Lux nail salon is getting a facelift.

I can’t believe it!

(The salon was already remodeled.)

And the new decor is stunning.

It’s so pretty.

And the manicures are really fun, too.

We went on a mission to find the best polish, and we ended up with Lux!

This salon is on a new, modern campus in downtown L.A. We walked into the salon for a preview.

We had to go up to the counter and ask for a new manicure.

The lady was kind enough to help us out with that.

And she was just so friendly and accommodating.

The polish we were looking at had a really nice shine, and I thought, This polish would be great.

We asked if we could get a new coat of the polishing powder, and she gave us a few options.

We wanted the gold.

So we got the gold and pink.

Then we went to the other colors, which were white and gray.

Then it came down to the last color.

I went for the green, which I thought was a great color.

It was very pretty and had a beautiful sheen to it.

The white color just wasn’t quite as vibrant.

So I had to do a little bit of work to make it look like a more vibrant green.

But we ended with the green.

The beauty of Lux is that they do so many different colors.

I love how they are so versatile, and they can do so much.

And I think they’re going to be a really great salon in the future.

We loved the polishes.

We just wanted to try something different.

So it was great to get a glimpse of the new makeup.

I was really impressed.

I think I might like this new color.

The salon is so clean and new.

They even got the bathroom remodeled!

I think it’s going to look really great.

They’re doing a lot of renovations, and it’s amazing.

I really love the new salon.

It feels really modern, and that’s what we wanted.

They’ve got a lot going on, and the staff is very friendly.

They really look after you, and are very kind.

We even went in for the new nail salon for the first time, which was a little confusing.

It came out of the blue.

It didn’t seem like they had anything to do with the previous one.

It just came out that they were renovating.

I had no idea that they had a new salon that was remodeled.

But they were a nice surprise.

We love it!

We loved how they were doing the remodeling.

And we thought it was a beautiful, new salon, and really made our visit to Lux shine.

We’re so happy that Lux is getting the new polish.

We definitely look forward to trying it out.

They also have a new hair salon.

So if you’re into nail polishes, you should check it out!

You can also visit their website, where they have a lot more info about the new beauty brand.

The Lux Salon is located at 1420 W. Sunset Blvd.

L.L.A., 918-943-4200.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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